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This cookies Policy relates to the site

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that istransferred from a website to the hard drive of your computer through ananonymous code that identifies your computer but not you
and passively monitor your activities on the site to enable or improve theservice offered.

In the website we use technical cookies that are indispensable for theoperation of the site. This type of cookie does not need the consent of navigators.

We also use third party cookies to transmit video from Google's YouTube channel. This type of cookies needs the consent of navigators. Consensusmeans also granted implicitly if the user continues his site navigation.

To read more about Google's cookie policy see:
See also: or alternatively platform to learn more about cookies and how they affect your browsing experience.

However, you can disable cookies from your browser.
For more detailed information regarding options to disable cookies here isthe list of links for the configuration of the browser.

 More information on disabling cookies on Firefox

The website uses cookies for Google Analytics that allow you to record thenumber of visits to the site, their duration and the pages you visit.
The site also uses the following elements from another vendor that usescookies: the button "I like" Facebook and YouTube videos.
Please be aware that some features of the website may be limited orunavailable by disabling cookies.