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Fairy Map of the Succession


Fairy Map of the Succession

This is a Map to travel to Fairy Land, to visit forty-two Fairy tales, places where beautiful girls and handsome princes live together with beasts, frogs and pigeons, which would change again into human beings.

They deal with powerful or wretched, patient or bloody parents, they meet cannibal wolves or ogres, helper or spiteful fairies. They walk for through dark woods and serve foreign kings, they sleep for hundred years and they awake fresh like a rose, they listen to and tell their story to every being they meet on their way, never giving up their wish, especially when it looks unattainable.

If you feel that their odd amazing tale has something to do with yours, click on this map where you like and enter in Fabulando. There you could go out when you want, come back and go on and walk loosing and finding yourself together with Cinderella, the Frogs Prince and Princess, the Seven Little Pigeons and their sister, the Beast and his Beauty, Snow White and her little friends. You could learn when and where they were born, and how many centuries they crossed to come to you, forever young, always ready to get in the way and risk everything.

Fabulando is a country where you may dream, be moved and think; it is a storytelling country that brings you back the charm of old beautiful books in the boundless land of the new media, to visit this country it does no matter your age, education or nationality. If you are a little fanciful, a little curious, if your heart may beat more, your mouth may smile and your eyes may fill with tears looking at a movie or reading a book, enter, you will enjoy.