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From the carther of Fairitaly ONLUS


ART. 1 - The Voluntary Association FAIRITALY, called for brevity Association, with headquarters in Florence, Via Pratese, n. 56, established in accordance with the Law 266/91 and LR 26 April 1993 n. 28, and subsequent amendments, pursues the exclusive purpose of social solidarity, human, civil, cultural and in particular seeks to promote, from a psychoanalytic sensibility, the right of every citizen to "freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits "(the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 27).


ART. 2 - The Association is non-political and non-partisan and it will adhere to the following principles: the absence of profit motive, democratic structure, electivity, gratuity of the associative charges , gratuity for services provided by its members (except for the reimbursement of costs paid by the member of the Assosiation in the name and on behalf of the Association), who perform their activities in a personal and spontaneous way. In accordance with this democratic structure, all the governing bodies, except the Governing Council and just for the first year, are elected freely and exclusively by the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting; the positions within these bodies (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) are assigned by the respective organ. All charges are free. All members of the corporate bodies must be member of the Assosiation.


ART. 3 - The Association operates in a specific way, with volunteer non occasional performances in the following areas of the cultural sector.


ART. 4 - In order to pursue the above-mentioned objects, the Association carries out the following actions:

 a) promoting cultural activities of various kinds, both for the layman and specialist, organizing public readings, lectures, conferences, debates, meetings and any other event to promote awareness of the narrative heritage, Italian and of other countries, both cultured and popular, highlighting the particular fruitfulness that comes from alchemy of the differences and the encounter with the other;

b) carring out projects, interventions, meetings aimed to foster an idea of culture which sees in the ongoing dialogue between different disciplines (psychoanalysis, science, literature, math, etc..) its fundamental impetus of growth and in-depth analysis;

c) promoting studies and researches about fairy tales, and in particular about the narrative structures in general, from the psychoanalytic understanding of their value in relation to the formation of collective and individual identity;

d) operating in the field of education to promote awareness of the transormative importance of the culture as a common good that can trigger creative skills and develop constructive potential encountering the other;

e) contributing to the prevention of mental distress that can be caused to individuals by a lack of conscious participation in the cultural life of their community and therefore political.


Florence, 27th decembre 2011

Presidente, Adalinda Gasparini
Segretaria, Claudia Chellini
Consigliere, Anna Antoniazzi
Consigliere, Patrizia Cammunci
Consigliere, Luigi Mangieri


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